Monday, November 30, 2009

Perhaps you may have noticed... extended absence. Anyone else who has had H1N1 for the last 6 weeks would have no trouble understanding. ;)

I was sick for several months beginning this summer. Stomach issues that never seemed to resolve themselves no matter how little I ate or how bland my diet. I knew we were going to be losing our medical insurance at the end of October, so I hightailed it to my doctor's office, got a referral for a same day gastro dr. appt. and was scheduled for my first ever colonoscopy and endoscopy within two days. :o Yipes! Not details I want to linger over, but while I was at good, old Easton Hospital, I came in contact with some staff member who was infected with H1N1. >:( Three days later - like clockwork! - I came down with a horrible cough, fever, and aches and pains. My birthday, which was 2 days later, was a total wash. :( Then our much-anticipated 10th wedding anniversary just 9 days after that - not a highlight of my lifetime. :p Still sick, I dragged my sorry, flu-ridden butt out to Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort (assured by my doctor that I was no longer contagious), so that Spawn would have one last chance to ride the two rides he would be growing out of this winter. Only one of them was open. :p So I paid for himto ride it as many tmes as he wanted. ;)

The following day I found out that the doctor strongly suspects that I have Crohn's Disease. On the last day I was going to have medical insurance for the foreseeable future. So, I have a possible diagnosis that I can't get confirmed because the colonoscopy was $19,000 (thank the goddess - insurance covered at least some of it!) and I'm in the hole and no one will perform the follow-up blood tests to confirm the diagnosis so I can get treatment without payment in advance. So here we stand, no treatment, no relief for my symptoms or pain, praying for a public option or universal health care. :( The constant stomach pain is keeping me pretty close to home - as are the other assorted, nasty symptoms. So I'm hoping I don't bore you with my hermit-ish blog and projects the next 9 - 12 months. ;)

It's November 30th. We've taken pictures every day, but having been sick and only fully recovered the last two days - those are some BORING pictures of my living room from the last 42 days! =D I'll try to get a few of them up the next few days. We did keep up with the Project 365 Photo Challenge, but there is no way I'm posting 42 days worth of nonsense pictures out of context! LOL!

In case you were wondering, yes, Spawn did fall a bit behind as both he and I were sick for so long, but he's made up all the overdue work AND managed to make Distinguished Honor Roll (all A+'s!!!). Not bad for a 7 year old wih ADHD!!! =D I am one proud cyber school mama!!!

He's re-enrolled at our local Y for both swimming and karate now, too. Swimming is going great. It's always Spawn's favorite. He starts up karate again next Saturday. We'll see how that goes. ;) After that class next Saturday, we're off to Petco for some photos of Spawn and Nugga with Santa for our Christmas/Yule cards. =D Then Spawn is off to Grandma's and CS Dad and I are going to look for a guitar for Spawn to start guitar lessons in January. (That's all only if the weather cooperates. ;))

We're starting a month of ornaments tomorrow and both a Christmas and Yule paper chain to countdown to both holidays, but instead of removing a link every day, we'll be adding one and making a snowflake every day between now and Christmas! (I mean, I know the paper chain idea is to remove one every day, but Spawn wants to put UP decorations - not take them down. ;))

Spawn can't get enough of the Christmas and Yule crafts, so we're looking for craft projects to try using basic household items. Please post your suggestions by commenting on this post and check back to see whose crafts we decide to make! Or subscribe to our blog to get updates emailed to you so you don't miss a single holiday craft!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom
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