Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harvesting of the Bounty - Project 365: Day 24, Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember that big squash plant with the tiny little half green/half yellow squash CS Dad discovered at the end of our yard in our old compost pile 2 weeks ago?

Today, this is what he found while he was walking the dog!

And there's about a dozen of them out there! CS Dad was floored that this could grow so well while being completely ignored! So, CS Dad and I are planning to plant a garden next spring to take advantage of the excellent soil we have here. Does anyone know of any good gardening blogs or resources for new gardeners? CS Dad has never planned a garden and it's been years for me, so I'm starting fresh like a newbie anyway. ;)

What kills me is that I had put squash and zucchini on the shopping list I had email to CS Dad to ask him to pick up on his way home from work this morning and Wegman's produce truck was running late so he came home without any zucchini or squash. Then he just finds this growing in our yard! LOL!

Oh, Nugga found this in the kitchen - a red light from Spawn's Nerf Dart Gun. (Let me just say - we did not buy the toy gun. >:( My mom signed him up last year for the Christmas party at the rod & gun club she belongs to and SANTA BROUGHT THE GUN. >:( We'd never had that problem before. They usually picked up fun board games and what not for the kids from Santa. The organizers got an earful from myself and several other mothers. >:( )

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


Eileen said...

How about this one:

You might want to ammend the soil now so it's all well-rotted by spring.

Chrissi said...

Thanks Eileen!

You know, CS Dad and I were debating this morning whether it would be better to till the ground now or wait 'til spring to do it. Thanks for the heads-up! I can't wait to use all those wonderful worm castings we've been getting from our worm farm!

rlw said...

I grew zucchini when I was in second grade, it's REALLY easy....unless you're my DH. (Don't tell him I said that!) The half breeds, I'm not so sure how easy they are though, GL!

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