Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mo' Snow Fo' Sho'!

No joke - this is the graphic they're showing on one of our local weather stations (and this is the station to the south of us!):

Why, yes, that does say "PARALYZING BLIZZARD". Thanks for asking. :p For the last 20 years or so, a 10" snowfall every two years has been about average here in the Lehigh Valley/Pocono Mt. area. This will be our 4th or 5th significant (ie: 10" or more) snowfall this winter!!!

So now you know why I haven't been posting much - our internets are intermitent at best. ;) Pray for us!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

Edited to add: They're predicting approxmately 24" of snow here for us. We just had 17" of snow two weeks ago, and 10" or so a few days before that. >:( When our weathermen indicate a storm could be 'memorable' that usually means anywhere from 2 - 3 FEET of snow. ::sigh::


rlw said...

And in Maine we have rain. A few weeks ago I could have standed one of those PARALYZING BLIZZARDS but since it's almost March, I'll pass. I pray for your internet. =]

Eileen said...

Yah... it's ridiculous. Snowmageddon and all that junk. We're ready. Sad, but ready. And I'm sure it'll be 3 inches and then rain, but they'll have 24-hours of "snow coverage" on all the networks.

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