Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First Circus - The Kelly Miller Circus

I went to the Kelly Miller Circus a few days ago on June 19th, the first circus I ever went to! It was a fundraiser for our volunteer fire company. They had the circus at Jacktown Grove.

I was able to ride a camel and an elephant at the circus. I never rode an animal before. The elephant's name was Lisa. She was 34 years old, one year old than my mommy. I rode the elephant first. The camel's name was Humpty-Dumpty and he was 10 years old, almost the same age as me.

I also ate a caramel apple, a blue raspberry sno-cone, pink cotton candy, and a bag of peanuts at the circus! 

I was able to watch the two circus clowns and every single thing there! There were trained pirate dogs, trapeze artists, tigers, camels, elephants, a zebra, jugglers, gauchos, pirate acrobats, a mermaid, and a little kid acrobat dressed as a parrot. 

The lady in the picture above was named Miss Rebecca. She was in the movie "Water for Elephants".

I even got an elephant balloon there and I got to meet the ringmaster and take a photo with him!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Guest Blogger - The Big Reveal and 1st Blog Update

Greetings CSMD Readers!!! Our long hiatus has come to an end. Spawn lost some interest in the blog after the loss of his beloved Paw-paw last summer, but he says he's ready to get back on the horse now, so here we are. =D

I know you're all just DYING to know who our mystery guest blogger is for the summer. Drum roll, please.............

Our guest blogger is none other than Spawn himself! He chose our summer kick-off day trip to Knoebels to kick-off his summer of blogging. If you enjoy what you read here this summer, please take a moment to leave a comment. Feedback on his writing and adventures can only help to make writing more fun for him and less of a chore if others enjoy it as well. Thank you, CSMD Readers!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

*   *   *   *   *

We went to Knoebels to celebrate the first day of summer vacation. We took our dog to Knoebels because we went for a day trip. 

We had Cesari’s Pizza for lunch. I had a slice of sausage pizza. Daddy had a slice of pepperoni pizza and a slice mushroom pizza. Mommy had white broccoli pizza. Me and my mommy had a Mt. Dew. 

Then we went on some rides with our friends, the Zavackys, and played on the Aquablasta game. Then the Zavackys went home. 

When it got hot, we all went down to the stream so the dog could cool off. 

I found a heart-shaped rock down at the stream.

After that we went on some more rides. 

Then me and Daddy went into Stony Gables to pick out some fudge for me and Daddy and a Whirzle for Mommy. 

Then we posed by the flood signs.

We're BAA---AACK!

The Cyber School Mom Diaries is back and hosting a guest blogger for the summer for the very first time! Check back later today. I'll be announcing the name of the mystery guest blogger when their first blog goes live. =D

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom
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