Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our first week of school is nearly over...

...and we've hardly made any progress! I realize this first week is all orientation and there are software and hardware bugs to work out, but I'm eager to get on with it already!

This first week began with a less than auspicious start - errors, bugs, and crashing computers. Our webcam and mic still aren't working! Grr...Patience. It'll all come together. The school sent a printer with a nearly empty ink cartridge and a few broken pieces. I remain unimpressed. :p We were informed to day that a return label is on its way so we can exchange the printer. Still no news on either the webcam or mic. Sigh.

We did manage a brief chat with my son's teacher last week. Despite our dysfunctional webcam and mic, we were able to hear her presentation in the chat room and had to chat the old fashioned way - by typing! Gasp! Works for me. ;)

Despite these first week/back to school issues to be worked out, I'm really pleased overall with the decision to cyber charter school and with the school itself. The school provides everything each student needs for the year - a PC (including tower, monitor, printer, one print cartridge, keyboard, mouse, webcam, headphones w/ mic, speakers, and even a thumb drive!), all books, workbooks, art supplies, and even a science kit with special kiddie goggles.

I have to laugh at the state legislators who claim that cyber schooling costs less than traditional public schooling and therefore requires less funding - that the "excess" funding should be remitted to the school district of residence. Greedy local administrators. :p Cyber schooling costs more! And yet, the cyber school manages to make due with what funding is available to them better than the local school district does. Cyber schooling offers more opportunities, more variety, and greater diversity among students who DO socialize with one another!

We look forward to a wonderful and enlightening year online with PA Leadership Charter School!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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