Thursday, September 13, 2007

I did a crazy thing...

I volunteered do be the Southeast RAC for my son's cyber school. RAC's are regional activity coordinators - long fancy title meaning volunteer parent field trip planner. I'm still waiting to hear back about whether or not they'll need me, but letting no moss grow on this mom...I looked through the quasi-trip report forum for the school's trips. Traditionally not well-attended because field trips are optional, so the trip reports are a little sad (photos, no articles, few attendees) and some of the trips seemed less than inspired. I'm looking for ideas! These trips should be within a 2 hour drive of Philly for a day trip or a 6 hour drive for a weekend trip. Many thanks in advance!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


Pat Parris said...

Hi Crissy,

I teach at the school and we are offering two field trips in the fall that may help you. We have one at Camp Sankanac (October 18th) and one in South Philly at FDR park (October 17th). They are both an hours drive from Philly.

Here is a web link that we will be posting more information on.

Mr. P.

Pat Parris said...


I am a teacher at the school. The Leadership Center is planning team building days for October 17th and 18th in the Philadelphia area. We will be meeting October 17th. at FDR Park in South Philadelphia near the Swedish History museum. On October 18th we will meet at Camp Sankanac near Pottstown. I hope this helps you.


Mr. P.

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