Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Yes, yes, of course, it says "First Day of Spring" on your calendar, but have you seen any real signs of spring yet? We did yesterday and there's just no better way to start the season of renewal and rebirth than with some of this most auspicious first sign of spring...

Thankfully, they did have one flavor without red or yellow dye at the location we went to yesterday (not the same location as the one we went to last year that had blueberry AND cookies and cream available that day). Spawn enjoyed his coconut italian ice very much! The parking lot was a madhouse and there wasn't a bench to be had anywhere, so we slurped ours down in the car with the windows down and Jimmy Buffett on the stereo. =D

But not before we took this pic of Spawn in front of his Aunt Dani's favorite and long-lamented A-Treat soda machine. A-Treat is, apparently, something you can't get outside the Lehigh Valley and Aunt Dani lurves the grapefruit-flavored A-Treat, so we took this pic in her honor in front of the beer distributor next door to Rita's. ;)

CS Dad was diggin' the rootbeer italian ice he ordered. He got a huge italian ice compared to Spawn and I. Don't know what that was about. Spawn and I were both served ours in tiny little 10 oz. cups and CS Dad's was served in a big 12 oz. cup. :p

On a personal note, thank the powers that be that CS Dad's birthday is tomorrow (the 22nd). He'll be shaving off that nasty Grizzly Adams beard for the year finally. Woot! I don't care how soft and furry you think it looks, this does not make my heart go pitty-pat:

It's pokey and scratchy and it smells like everything that's fallen into it and gotten stuck this winter. :p And he washes it with my pricey Garnier Fructis shampoo. Yuck. :p Boys are gross. :p

Anywho, I LOVED my wild black cherry italian ice. CS Dad snapped this pic of me digging in before we'd even rolled the windows down all the way. I was having a pretty hardcore Rita's craving all winter. What can I say? ;)

Mine and Spawn's both had real fruit in it. I had nice big pieces of juicy cherries and Spawn's had slivers of real coconut in it.

Did you get your free Rita's on the first day of spring? What's your flavor of choice? They introduced a new flavor here yesterday - Peeps. Blech. Not interested. None of us were even willing to try it.

This doesn't even scratch the surface of how we spent our first day of spring and Ostara. More to come on that later this week, but rest assured it was a busy day and I took tons of pictures!!! =D

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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