Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to CS Dad!

Monday was CS Dad's big 38th birthday! We were understandably proccupied celebrating, so here's to you, belatedly, honey!

If I were a better baker, I'd have made you a lovely Steal Your Face or Dancing Bear cake like this one. ;) Count your blessings and consider it a gift that I didn't bake you anything and saved you a trip to the ER in the process. =D

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom and Devoted, Loving Wife (Mwahaha! CS Dad is waiting for the other shoe to drop as we speak. Paranoid, Tater? ;))


Eileen said...

Are we gonna get "beardless" photos? (My hubby figured out how to trim his old beard into lots of different looks before it was finally gone, and had the forethought to make me take pictures of each step -- it's totally silly and wacky, but I treasure the pics!)

Chrissi said...

You know, he usually shaves it on his birthday, but he hasn't yet this week. I think he might shave it tonight since we're going to visit friends this weekend. But their little girl, Ladybug (as she's know here @ CSMD), might not remember what CS Dad looks like without it and he doesn't want to scare her. =D


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