Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Baby Can Read!!!

So...he's not a baby anymore. :p He sure was pleased with himself today while we were working on his Language Arts assignment and he sounded out a word phonetically and read it. I'll admit it - I cried. I can't for the life of me understand how other parents can so casually send their kids off to school! Do they not realize what they're missing?! I wouldn't give today up for the world.

Spawn read the word "sat". Three little letters that a week ago stumped and aggravated him. Today, it's like a whole new world opened up! He's begging to write to Santa to ask for books for Christmas. I offered to donate some of his older books to the library when Santa brings him new ones, but he reminded me, "I'm getting new books - why shouldn't the library?" He's absolutely right! Why shouldn't they? What a great way to celebrate! :D

Spawn's getting his fair share of books, too. ;) We're going to shop online for books for his list tonight and make a day of it on Saturday with a trip to Barnes & Noble to shop and have a treat at the cafe.

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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~Denise~ said...

Don't you love that!?!?!? YAY DJ!!

Ariana loves going to B&N with me. And I much prefer going with her over Jason as he just stands over my shoulder as I look for books. She finds a book and then follows me around looking at her book while I shop.

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