Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF!

Spawn's charter school is founded on the basic concept of teaching children the importance of leadership and community service - building better communities by making better leaders. Spawn is leading his own community service project this fall - he's trying to raise $50 for UNICEF through donations on Halloween and an additional $50 for UNICEF through sponsorship of his October reading challenge.

Spawn loves trick-or-treating, but most of the candy he collects he can't eat due to his sensitivity to red and yellow food dye and his steel crown - no sticky foods - they could pull it off! He wants to trick-or-treat, so he's going to trick-or-treat for others this year. You can help Spawn reach his goal (and possibly exceed it!) by visiting [link no longer available] .

UPDATE 9/7/08: Spawn is also looking for sponsors to pledge per book for every book he reads in October to add to his UNICEF donation collection. (This could be as much as 1 - 2 books a day or as little as 3 books a week.)

Thank you for helping Spawn with his first community service experience!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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