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It's 'Back-to-School Physical' Day! - Project 365: Day 16 (Wed. Sept, 30, 2009)

CS Dad caught this beautiful sunrise across the street (municipal center ballfields) before breakfast this morning.

Spawn had his back-to-school physical today - a little late in the year, but we knew he'd have to see his pediatrician, Dr. Phil, by the end of September anyway, so we waited and killed two birds with one stone today (Wednesday, Sept. 30th). ;)

So at 12:30, off we went, bottled water, banana, and SpongeBob cheese in-hand. ;)

After a short wait while Spawn pawed through the same old Richard Scarry books in the waiting room, we were called back to an exam room to begin the process.

Spawn nervously noshed a 'nanner while he waited to find out if he'd be getting the regular flu shot or the H1N1 flu shot today... ;)

Spawn had a weight check first. He's lost 2 tenths of a pound (I hate digital scales!) and grown an inch (which we discovered when we remembered we were also supposed to being doing height checks at every two month check-up), so we're back to Pediasure Shakes to put a few more calories in him each day. :/

Anyway, I missed the photo op during the weight check (49.1 lbs.), but did manage to get one shot during the hearing tests before I realized the camera's beeping was going to throw a wrench in the works of the hearing screening. Nurse Ellen was very patient with both of us. ;)

Then a blood pressure check - 100/48 - or something like that - if memory serves...(I'm too lazy at this time of night to go searching for Spawn's copy of the physical form! :p)

Then we remembered the height check. ;) 47 1/2 inches!!! :o That's a whole inch taller than his last check-up two months ago - right before we went on vacation!

Nurse Ellen then set Spawn up for a vision check.

Spawn is saddened to discover he most likely has the exact same vision problem as CS Dad and I - 20/30 vision in one eye and 20/40 vision in the other. Have to follow up with a visit to the eye doctor. Glasses may be needed! :o

Spawn was asked to give a...err...sample for testing, but not having had much to drink that morning, his bladder was a bit shy. ;) This was the reaction (and the reaction shot) we got when Nurse Ellen and I tried to bully a small sample out of him... =D "Don't speak at me! La, la, la! I can't hear you!" LOL!

The preliminaries over with Nurse Ellen, Spawn and I passed the time waiting for Dr. Phil to check in with us by doing some spelling worksheets for Language Arts that I'd brought along.

Dr. Phil finally caught up with us (he had some pharm reps in his office trying to monopolize his time when we arrived ;)) and gave Spawn the holy trinity of the back-to-school physical - eyes/mouth/ear check.

Dr. Phil says this is his best side. ;) Don't you just want to rub his shiny, little, Buddha head? Don't get me wrong - I have nothing but respect for the man! He and his dad, Dr. Francis, are the ones who sewed me back together when I was 6 and was nearly killed by a neighbor's dog who attacked me. =) Despite the extent of the damage back then, my scars are barely visible today. There's a reason he's now Spawn's pediatrician! We love 'im!

And last - when Spawn finally stopped telling Dr. Phil everything that had happened in his little life since his last visit - 'take a deep breath', 'again', 'one more'.

After his physical, we dropped off our 'script refills at the pharmacy and ran over to McD's, as promised, for a Mommy-Spawn playdate with the Play Place. 1 Happy Meal + 2% chocolate milk and 2 Snack Wraps later, I had a terrible case of heartburn and a very happy Spawn. ;)

You may notice, Spawn is wearing socks in these last few photos, but was wearing flip-flops at his physical. McD's requires that socks be worn in their Play Places and I forgot to bring some, so we had to buy a pair of McD's Play Place socks with our lunch. Seriously. :p I stashed them in a baggie in the glove compartment in my car for future visits. ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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