Thursday, October 1, 2009

CS Mom Craftiness: Cereal Box Ghosts: Step 2 - Project 365: Day 17

Perhaps some of you will recall that we began one of our many fall projects last week:

Those ghosts were initially inspired by some leftover cereal boxes, white paint from last year's art kit, and this Halloween bento that I found online a while back:

Today, in a desperate attempt to keep Spawn occupied inside during this chilly cold snap on the first day of October, I broke out the Cereal Box Ghosts to work on Step 2: Adding Character(s). We split them up into 2 piles - 6 ghosts for each of us. I got out a box of Sharpies and Spawn got out those scented Mr. Sketch markers he'd been itching to get his hands on. His ghosts definitely smell better than mine. ;)

Spawn's Ghosts:

My Ghosts:

I haven't yet decided what Step 3 will be. Probably stringing them up on some crazy thing in the kitchen. ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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