Monday, October 5, 2009

For anyone with crafty or curious toddlers...

I found a link to a blog through the The Crafty Crow this morning that lays out a plan to get 20 crafts out of just $10 worth of supplies! Of course, I immediately thought of my friend Rachel, over at Smother of One and her experiment with freezing toys in ice for her son to chip out...and I knew she would love this!

Check it out - 20 Toddler Crafts for Less Than $10! (And some alternatives for using the same crafts for older children.)

I would love to see pictures/links to blog posts if anyone tries this! I'm sure we'll find some way to use the suggestions for older kids for Spawn on a rainy day, too! I was thinking of making the I Spy-type rice bottle with the toys in it for Spawn to find and write all the names of the toys inside to practice his spelling. ;)

I have tons of pictures from the weekend - The 155th Bloomsburg Fair and Spawn enjoying the fruits of his labors yesterday. More to come later today!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

Why, I have a crafty, no, CURIOUS toddler, thanks for the link! Looking forward to linking back. ;) And to your fairphotos.

Chrissi said...

Ugh...I have a file loaded with weekend pix and I'm still so sick with this stomach virus. Just not getting a thing done around here! :( Fair photos - SOON!

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