Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I found this meme on Mad Maggie Designs and thought it looked fun! Just copy and past the questions and fill them in on your own blog post. If you decide to do one, leave me a comment with the link so I can come read it and learn some more about you as well. Enjoy!

Making: time for reading for once! 
Baking: Actually, Walt's baking some potatoes to have with dinner right now.
Drinking: Walt's Mt. Dew.
Reading: Lyon's Pride by Anne McCaffrey (4 of 5 in the Tower and the Hive Series).
Wanting: A Tom Tom XL 340.
Looking: to get all the wrapping done tonight so I can chill with my family and check
NORAD's Online Santa Tracker with Spawn.
Skip Bo with Walt and Spawn after dinner.

Wasting: Money on too many stocking stuffers!
Sewing: my Coconut Joe's t-shirt back together. It's beat!
Wishing: for the same thing I always wish for - another baby. =D

Enjoying: my new barn star, cottage-style tree topper.
Waiting: for Christmas morning so I can see my guys' faces when they open their gifts!
Liking: Plantation Mint Tea with Orange Blossom Honey with Prosciutto & Brie to snack on. Yum!
Wondering: what my husband got me for Christmas and what he'll think of what I got him.
Loving: my family, friends, and pets!
Hoping: I get my Tom Tom before we go down to West Chester next week.
Marvelling: that Spawn still believes in Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.
Needing: to get my Christmas card-newsetters done.
Smelling: steak and potatoes.
Wearing: Walt's sweatpants and one of my old 
Callie's Candy Kitchen staff t-shirts.
Following: too many wonderful blogs to read them all!

Noticing: that I'm not getting nearly as much done as I wanted to before Chrstmas. :/
Knowing: that it'll all be worth it when I see their faces on Christmas morning.
Thinking: about our make your own pizza and sundae menu for Christmas Eve.
Bookmarking: too many blogs!

Opening: the suitcases I hide Spawn's gifts in. ;)
Giggling: I don't giggle. :p I have a big belly laugh. =D
Feeling: Twitterpated!!!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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