Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Spawn will, naturally, be gifted with plenty of books this holiday season. CS Dad's family celebrates Christmas and Epiphany (or Three Kings Day), we celebrate the Winter Solstice (otherwise known as Yule), Spawn's best friend (son of my best friend) celebrates Hanukkah, and everyone seems to have some reason to gift the boy this time of year! We had countless celebrations last year and Spawn got an introduction to Hanukkah with our best friends. Here's Spawn and his BFF, T, listening to the story of Hanukkah being read by T's mom, my BFF, Dani:

Yes, the boys are wearing matching Hanukkah jammies. =D

Last year's Yule tree (made up for Christmas morning with most of the Yule ornaments removed for Christmas company):

We'll be visitng our Jewish friends during New Year's and exchanging Hanukkah gifts then, so Spawn's first gifting of the season happens this coming Monday, December 21, 2009 on the Winter Solstice.

Though we have observed Yule in the past with the traditional tree, decorations, cookie-baking, etc., we've never discussed the meaning behind the longest night in depth or why we mark the occasion. This is the first season we'll be taking on that particular discussion and it makes me nervous. I don't want to sway him when the time comes for him to decide what he believes. He's expressed an interest in Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Neo-Paganism recently, so it just feels like the right time to begin the discussion. =)

Yule gifts are more traditional, handmade, or heartfelt gifts. Things made with love or bought with special intent toward the receiver.

I've chosen a special family gift to inspire some discussion, handmade crafts, and goody-making (which I had to special-order because B&N doesn't even keep it in stock! :p):

And for Spawn, to inspire less time indoors on the couch and more time doing typical 'boy' stuff this winter:

I made some new Yule ornaments, but my plan for an ornament a day for December went quickly awry when Spawn informed me in no uncertain terms that he was not crafting EVERY day. :p We've done three ornament projects, totaling about 10 ornaments, 8 of which I ended up making myelf. :p He has decided, however, that the Winter Solstice is Gingerbread House-Making Day and despite the fact that his poor mother has no baking or cooking skills to speak of, he expects no less than my best try on Yule. Bless and keep us in your thoughts - KWIM? ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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