Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Do you make them?

I have made them and kept them in the past. Though not successful every year, the one that mattered most HAS stuck. In 2008, I resolved to quit smoking after smoking on and off for the better part of 17 years (since I was 12 :o). It's been 2 years and I'm still smoke-free!

This year, I'm resolving to slough off my clutter - house clutter, body clutter, and emotional clutter. My mind, body, and home do not need all this STUFF! =D

I'm also resolving to unload this clutter by way of a certain domestic goddess' proven declutter tactics. ;) I've tried it before and it hasn't stuck, but I've never made it a resolution before either. ;) Any other Fly Lady Fly Babies out there who are getting back on the wagon? I was thinking about doing a weekly Fly Lady Check-Up and I think being accountable to you guys will help keep me on track. So how does a 'Fly Lady Friday Check-Up' sound? ;)

We had a wonderful holiday break and made some important decisions regarding how our family will celebrate the holidays from now on. We discussed the need to expand Spawn's religious education and ways to go about it. While we still don't agree, the discussion is open and we're working it out which makes me very happy. =) Spawn lost both of his top front teeth over the break, too - the right one on 12/30/09, the left one just last night right before bed - 1/3/09. The tooth fairy did not have enough notice and had a run on the fairy dust she uses to turn the teeth into money due to a pee-wee hockey league tournament in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada over the weekend, so she left Spawn a note telling him to hit the sack early tonight because he's first on her list. ;)

I'm sure he'll have a dozen or more questions about where Winnipeg is come tomorrow morning, so I'm off to get some rest and prepare myself for the onslaught. ;)

I ♥ cyber schooling!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

Winterpeg, Manitscoldhere (so I've read...;) Congrats on 2 smoke-free years, I just kinda-sorta completed 8 years (I occasionally socially smoke) and my health has never been better. Now, on to lose some of this WEIGHT, I'll leave the FlyLady stuff to DH. =D Happy New Year!

Eileen said...

I have made resolutions in the past and have kept them too -- although I don't limit myself to "New Years" and make them whenever I get to a boiling point on some issue in my life.

I've looked at the Fly Lady, but find her site makes my teeth itch a bit. Like I'm supposed to find self-satisfaction in the gleam of my kitchen sink.

Nope... not for me.

Chrissi said...

My kitchen sink is always crusted with hard water stains and mineral deposits from our nasty well water, so I like to think of Fly Lady's 'shine your sink' policy as more of a metaphorical sink-shining. Like 'go tidy up that one are in YOUR house that drives you bat-shit crazy'. ;) In my house, it's the kitchen table. Wait til you see a picture of THAT hot mess. :p

~ Chrissi

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