Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Spawn is Reading This Week (and where we've been!)...

So, during the first week of school - when I had all these wonderful plans for a return to blogging after a summer hiatus - Spawn and I came down horrendously ill with hayfever. Hayfever that developed into a raspy, phlegm-y, long-lasting cough that I STILL have 3 1/2 weeks later. >:( And for Spawn, it led to a weakened immune system just in time for him to come down with a mild case of chicken pox the Friday morning after the first day of school. AWESOME. O_o He's still not feeling like himself. 

Then, last week, I finally convinced Spawn is was time to let some things go and bless someone else with his beloved baby toys and toddler gear. So, CS Dad and I pulled apart the big Step 2 castle/fort jungle gym and I began loading it in the car to take to a friend's house while CS Dad and Spawn walked the dog. I dropped an entire wall of the jungle gym on my foot and broke my big toe. On the same foot I broke in April when I fell down the stairs. I know - I'm having a weird year. :p

So, we're working on target, on time, and Spawn is rocking the spelling lists each week! Woo!

Since he's doing so well on his lessons, I decided to treat both of us to one of the classics I bought for him (deeply discounted!) this summer at B&N. We're reading Peter Pan. And I'm LOVING it!!! =D I thought I'd read it before, but I was clearly mistaken because I'd have to have missed the entire description of Nana and why a dog minds the Darling children. =)

I'll let you know what Spawn thinks of it when we've read more and maybe we'll do a few Peter-type projects along the way. We'll see. =D
Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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