Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First Circus - The Kelly Miller Circus

I went to the Kelly Miller Circus a few days ago on June 19th, the first circus I ever went to! It was a fundraiser for our volunteer fire company. They had the circus at Jacktown Grove.

I was able to ride a camel and an elephant at the circus. I never rode an animal before. The elephant's name was Lisa. She was 34 years old, one year old than my mommy. I rode the elephant first. The camel's name was Humpty-Dumpty and he was 10 years old, almost the same age as me.

I also ate a caramel apple, a blue raspberry sno-cone, pink cotton candy, and a bag of peanuts at the circus! 

I was able to watch the two circus clowns and every single thing there! There were trained pirate dogs, trapeze artists, tigers, camels, elephants, a zebra, jugglers, gauchos, pirate acrobats, a mermaid, and a little kid acrobat dressed as a parrot. 

The lady in the picture above was named Miss Rebecca. She was in the movie "Water for Elephants".

I even got an elephant balloon there and I got to meet the ringmaster and take a photo with him!


Debihen said...

I liked reading about your trip to the circus! I had to wait until I was a grown up to see the circus, so you are indeed a lucky young man!
I have also rode an elephant. I remember that the hair on his back was very wirey and pocked me through my jeans!
Great Blog?

Kelly said...

I loved reading all about your adventure to the circus! How fun!!! I really loved the pictures too. And I'm super jealous of your elephant balloon!

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