Monday, May 31, 2010

Failbook is Anti-Breastfeeding

Just in case it doesn't pass failooking's moderation standards, I stumbled across a post on their blog that blurs a breastfeeding pair and implies that breastfeeding pictures are obscene, so I replied:

Breastfeeding is not obscene - treating it like it is IS obscene. That's the reason women feel like they can't breastfeed their baby wherever and whenever their baby is hungry and the folks at failbook should be ashamed of themselves for implying there's anything obscene about breastfeeding or photos of breastfeeding babies.

I'm offended when I see a mother bottle-feeding her baby! ("I demand you blur all pictures of bottle-feeding babies!" - sounds pretty GD ridiculous, doesn't it?) Breasts are not sexual, so unless you're going to start blurring the teats on every cow and dog photo you come across, it's pretty ridiculous to blur out the image of a woman breastfeeding when bikini photos are plastered all over every beer ad on the planet. So, are the folks at failbook implying that using breasts to sell beer is less obscene than using them the way they're intended?

Breasts express milk - not beer. Grow up!

Chrissi, hardcore lactivist and former breastfeeding mom

The post that made me so irate: Failbook is Anti-Breastfeeding

UPDATE: This just appeared at the top of the comments on the post in question:

"EDIT: In response to the community’s reminder that breast-feeding in public is not a fail, we have replaced the picture in question. Happy Quit Facebook Day!"

WIN!!! =D

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