Friday, May 28, 2010

I [heart] Avocados!!!

I mean, seriously, how can you see this and not want to gobble up every bite all by yourself?

I love homemade guacamole, too, but just can't bring myself to buy that pre-made stuff in the store. Too onion-y and I can taste the preservatives in it. Fortunately, we can get avocados pretty cheap at a little mom & pop store in town so I can make my own. And lately, they've been so ripe and lovely, I actually ate half of one like an apple the other day - with a sprinkle of salt and lime. =D

I've been haunting the Williams-Sonoma website recently in search of something - anything - for CS Dad for Father's Day. He's the cook in our house and he takes a very bare-bones-Alton-Brown-no-unitaskers attitude about kitchen items. (Except for juicers and rice cookers. Let us never speak of those little fiascoes again. ;))

Anyway, you haunt Williams-Sonoma long enough and you're bound to find something even those who can't cook (like me!!!) could make use of. These are my current faves:


Just in case you want to make your guac in a mortar and pestle carved out of lava rock like the Aztecs did. (I somehow doubt the Aztecs were making guac and chips - KWIM? ;))

Or how about this handy little jobby?

Four-in-One Avocado Tool:


Anyway, I'm still laid up here with a broken foot, so this is about as exciting as my day gets - ripe avocados. =D CS Dad took a few pics of my roses that FINALLY began blooming the last few days. Wouldn't you know they'd bloom during the one week when it's rained nearly every day and I can't get around out there in my cast? ;) 

Stay dry!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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Rachel said...

I too get a little gaggy over the prepared guac at the supermarket. *bllaaaaaggh* Looking forward to your rose pix!

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