Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spawn’s Supermegatotally Thrilladelic Not Bummer Summer: Day 2: Improv Solo Crafting - Cardboard Bat

I had something else in mind for yesterday's activity, but Spawn had other ideas. =D He was in the bathroom, doing things I honestly don't want to know or ask about when he discovered my stash of leftover toilet paper tubes in a bag (I save all the major roll tubes. You never know when you'll need 1 or 12 of them!) He started tearing and poking and building and came tearing out of them bathroom 10 minutes later, excited to show off the toilet paper bat he'd built! Woot! Spontaneous, improvisational crafting! =D 

This is the child who rolls his eyes at me when I suggest a craft project! He made a bat craft on his own ON PURPOSE! He gets his own blog post today because of it! (Click photos for larger view.)

Walt and Spawn stepped outside around 7:30 last night to snap these photos while I was SLAVING over yesterday's LONG day 1 blog post and photo tour, so I missed this beautiful sunset! That will not happen again!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

In case you missed yesterday's blog post and summer project kick-off, you can view it here:


Kelly said...


Thor said...

While the fruits of boredom and the fruits of a purposeful craft may seem similar in the end, I always found the process to be much different.

Motivation is a far more present force while bored (and the ideas are your own). I always found it nigh impossible to carry out an order to do something, even if I would easily do it on any other day under my own volition.

*Also keep in mind how easily a longish (more than 1' long) tube can become an improvised digeridoo. To make noise, make a raspberry sound w/ your lips, but rather than pushing air w/ your cheeks, use your lungs. Just introduce tub to lips and INSTANT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

Chrissi said...

Brad? You sound like a camp counselor at some crazy, hippie commune camp. :P

Thor said...

I'm ok with sounding like a hippie.

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