Friday, June 10, 2011

Spawn’s Supermegatotally Thrilladelic Not Bummer Summer: Day 7: Newborn Fun!

What we did on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

        Sorry for the delay, guys! I was hoping to have a picture of Spawn holding our newborn friend, Pinklet, but I took the picture with my friend's camera instead of mine and she's understandably busy with her own kids now that she's home from the hospital. She'll get it to me soon and I'll share it with all of you.

We made a special trip down to the hospital on Wednesday night so Spawn could visit Stephanie and Pinklet. Steph and Spawn have a special relationship. He has soft, downy, blond hair and she likes to pet his hair. =D 

While we were there, one of the nurses brought in a breastfeeding video for Steph to watch and Spawn got all excited, "A breastfeeding video?! Awesome! Let's watch it!" The look on the nurse's face was priceless. I don't imagine she meets a lot of children who nursed so long that they actually remember nursing. Spawn weaned when he was three, so he has very fond memories of the the "Breastaurant". =D He was genuinely looking forward to watching the video. There was no time during our visit, though, so we took the time to reread "It's Not the Stork: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families, and Friends" by Robie H. Harris when we got home. The book very briefly mentions nursing. It's more about babies and bodies.

This book is intended for children ages 4 and up and I would recommend reading it yourself and picking and choosing the topics to read to your kids about beforehand. Spawn's a very bright kid, but it's a lot of information all at once and some of it can make you squirm when you're just 6 or 7 and finding out for the first time where babies come from. Spawn knows their origin pretty well by now and might even be ready for the next book in this series for ages 7 and up: "It's So Amazing". 

There were a lot of raised eyebrows and curious looks when we picked this up at Barnes and Noble a few years ago because of some of the hilarious illustrations in the book like this one (at right). We had to special order it because they don't stock it on their shelves due to its "mature" content. It's written to children/for children, so it's in terms and with drawings children can understand. It has mature themes that should be discussed with mom, dad, or another trusted adult present, but no vulgar content.

There's an entire series of these books for all ages that I highly recommend. The books also touch briefly on okay touching vs. not okay touching and feature beautiful illustrations including body parts and a picture of a woman nursing twins at the same time. It is by no means an all-encompassing book, but it is thorough enough to open a conversation about bodies and where babies come from.

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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