Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saying Good-Bye to Cub Scouts - Project 365: Day 14 (Monday, Sept. 28, 2009)

At the beginning of every school year, we revise Spawn's activity schedule. This year, we knew our schedule would be changing soon (due to CS Dad's impending lay-off and job-hunt and Spawn's cyberschool commitments) and that money would be tight, so we knew a ruthless change was in order. We took a long hard look at each activity and asked Spawn to narrow it down to his two absolute favorites that he couldn't live without. Swimming classes at the Y and bowling with Mom and Dad on family night were at the top of every list.

Surprisingly, Cub Scouts was at the bottom of every one of Spawn's lists. Cub Scouting involves a lot of group activities and participation and Spawn is very shy around his public-schooled peers. He likes the solitude of swimming - even in a class with other homeschoolers - and spending time with his Daddy and I no matter what we're doing on family night each week. Family Night is most often sometime between Saturday and Tuesday and usually finds us at an afternoon matinee at the movies, bowling at Summit Lanes ($1 bowling!), or playing board games and watching Netflix movies at home over a pizza dinner.

I had known for some time that I just couldn't give as much time to Scouting as a I had last year because of our schedule changes and our need to share a car for the next month or two. So, I notified the pack chairman several weeks ago so we would have time to find a replacement den leader to take over my den. Unfortunately, the only really eligible parent was my poor assistant den leader and he really doesn't have the time to take it on full-time either. Thankfully, his wife and another den mom have agreed to lend a hand, so the Wolf den is in good hands this year! (I'll admit to being a little bit smug that it's taking 3 people to replace me and do everything I did alone last year. ;))

So, since I had given my notice that the pack meeting on Monday night would be my last meeting as a den leader, we decided that would be a good time for Spawn to make his exit, too. We'll miss it, but at the same time, it's nice to know we don't have the stress of keeping every Monday night clear for Cub Scout meetings for the next 9 months. We all breathed a sigh of relief last night as we shucked out of our Scout uniforms when we got home.

Last night's meeting was supposed to be the September Campfire Program at Scout Hall at the park, but the weather didn't cooperate, so the kids had to do their songs and skits inside at the church around a 'simulated campfire'. ;)

Spawn waits for the opening ceremony to start. He won't take that hat off for any other hat these days. Oh, and the ingrate refused to sit with his father and I. >:(

Spawn receives his Bowling Belt Loop, Wolf Totem, and 1 Bead for completing Achievements 8: Cooking & Eating, 10: Family Fun, and 11: Duty to God from his new den leader, Mr. Peterson. Note Spawn bucks the system and refuses to wear his yellow Wolf neckerchief or hat.

Spawn receives his Cub Scout Blue bowling pin - a trophy from the big bowling party this summer - from Cubmaster Paul. Siblings and friends who are Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts were also rewarded for attending the party in uniform. =)

There's Spawn on the far right, cradling his precious bowling pin.

Spawn (far left) sings "Little Green Frog" along with his den and Mr. Peterson one last time.

We got home after a quick stop for some late take-out and I got crackin' on my blog backlog. :o No sense wasting my time, so I also screened the newest CD CS Dad picked up for me Sunday night at Target. =D Appallingly, CS Dad informed me that he doesn't appreciate his ears being abused by the sound of my off-key warbling - with or without headphones. He did say that at least without the headphones, the music drowns me out... :p (I suck at taking these self-MySpace-style-portraits...)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

Rolf, the "myspace style" portraits. I had no idea so many of my nephew's tweenie friends could look so ho-like. I don't think I realized that you too wore a Scout uniform, I want to see photos of THAT! Sorry that you guys had to drop it but it sounds like it was for the best. Continued luck in dad's job search!

Chrissi said...

Look at this picture again. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_G7bzwpEiqWY/SsK92HGk5pI/AAAAAAAAAP4/5-rLfmaRl10/s1600-h/P1050266.JPG

Cubmaster Paul is at the podium and I'm behind him by the flag in my uniform. I've lost so much weight since I bought it, it's basically a tent on me now. My boobs are half the size they were at the beginning of Tiger Cubs. =D

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