Friday, February 26, 2010

Spawn ate salad last night!!!


Using the three bite rule, I got him to eat (and admit to enjoying! =D) 3 cherry tomatoes and all of of the romaine lettuce in his salad! He ate the required 3 bites of cucumber, but it's not his favorite. 

Now, what I did (and so I won't forget what I did): I started with a small, not at all intimidating salad with just 3 cherry tomatoes and 3 cucumber slices on some small, torn, leafy green romaine lettuce tips. (I skipped the creamy salad dressings because I want him to learn to like the taste of vegetables. ;)) Instead of dressing, I seasoned it with just a little Adobo san Pimienta.=D I had the same on my salad. In addition to salad we had turkey-beef and bean burritos and steamed corn. Delish!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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rlw said...

Wow, he liked the cherry tomatoes, I'm impressed!!!

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