Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

It's the end of the marking period and we're sick with a cold...again. :p The marking period ends on Tuesday, our entire family is sick again, AND I just got over a sinus infection about a week ago that left Spawn behind on his school work by several WEEKS. :o CS Dad tries to do it all, but he just can't keep up without me, so here we are - sprinting to get it all done before the end of the marking period again. ::sigh::

So, in the style of some of my more recent posts, here's a look at our week-in-review:

Nugga helps Spawn with some Math. Drooly help, but the boy loves to curl up on a cold morning with his best bud on the couch in a nest of blankets and pillows for early morning lessons like Math and Language Arts.
This is what happens when you buy your 7 year old (who hates to wear socks like the rest of his family) polar-fleece-lined Crocs online that are supposed to have removable, washable liners that don't come with instructions for removing the liners and said 7 year old spills a yogurt smoothie down his leg into his NEW >:( polar-fleece-lined Crocs. I had to do some online research to figure out the trick to washing the liners. By all accounts, they are removable, but you'll never get them back in again, so online advisers suggest just throwing the Crocs in the wash and air-drying them. Which probably works fine with everything except week-old, dried-up, yogurt smoothie. :p How do I know? I washed them and the entire load of clothes they were in three times to get rid of the yogurt smell BEFORE I decided to just soak them separately and hand-wash them. Sweet jeebus, what a production! >:( Then, I hung the Crocs upside-down on the dual shower rods in the bathroom. (I have no idea why there are two shower rods -they were here when we moved in.) The bathroom is right next to the utility room - the home of our furnace - so it gets really toasty up there above the shower. The Crocs were dry in no time flat!

Spawn and CS Dad did a very cool experiment this week in Science lessons. CS Dad showed Spawn how humans can affect the food chain by ruining local ecosystems - like beaches that are both fish and bird habitats that are affected by oil spills. They poured vegetable oil and hot cocoa mix into water to make it REALLY dirty and oil-looking, then dipped 3 feathers in the mix and set them aside once they were all grimey and oiled-up. Next, they dipped the feathers in three different cleaning 'solutions': cold water only, hot water only, and hot water with dish detergent added to find what was the best way to rescue birds that are affected by an oil spill to undo the damage done by man as best as possible.

I can't tell you how much I LOVED this lesson. Spawn doesn't care for getting dirty, so this also illustrated for him how soap helps get you cleaner when your hands are dirty - a nice bonus to the lesson!

CS Dad just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show Spawn how soap chases away oil and dirt.

Spawn's last-minute swimming class, snack bento that I packed as we were RUNNING out the door this afternoon (clockwise from top): Invisible (ie: dye-free) Grape Kool-Aid in the SpongeBob Sigg Bottle, a 1/2 cup of canned, sliced peaches (we are REALLY low on fresh fruit right now, but I had no qualms about polishing off the rest of the can of peaches for lunch ;)), and 3 marshmallows with about a 1/4 cup of Annie's organic chocolate bunny grahams.
Spawn can't manage something as slippery as canned peaches with a food pick, so I threw a pack of reuseable, plastic utensils in with his lunch bag. (And chuckled at the prospect of taking out the fork and spoon and leaving him just the chopsticks to see what would happen ;) - hee, hee...evil Mommy thoughts!)  I'm not sure where you can get these utensil sets anymore. I got mine from IchibanKan Online last year before they closed. :( Maybe try J-List?

 The final, packed, snack bento product. I love this freezer pack lunch bag!

And just a little while ago after we finished dinner, I was giving Nugga a little tail/hiney/haunches rub with my feet since she insisted on laying on the couch. This is the stink-eye she gave me when I stopped the hiney-rubbin'. "You not done puttin' the rubbin's on my hiney, Mama."

I ♥ cyberschooling!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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