Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snaggletooth, Mullet, and Scooby-Doo

Spawn's Art and Music theme this marking period has been puppetry and characterization, so we've been making puppets! I think the best part of these lessons has been sharing my love of the Muppets with Spawn. His teacher has assigned videos of behind-the-scenes footage of Jim Henson's Muppets and earlier work (before color tv!) and Spawn is so engrossed, engaged, and in love with these puppets! Construction paper puppets are SO easy to make. I'll have to put together my own videoso I can share the process, but I do have some photos of our finished work ready to share with you all now. =D

Mama has a go at some sharp, reptilian teefs. (Please excuse the horrid desk mess in the background. It's the end of the marking period. I'm only sleeping like 6 hours a night due to the amount of work that needs to be finished that we fell behind on during our 6 (!!!) illnesses this quarter. :p Even my Christmas tree is still up. :p)

Spawn's little Snaggletoothed reptilian hand puppet with angry, Russian unibrow 'like Daddy's'. You know I'm not making this up. He totally calls his father's eyebrows 'angry Russian eyebrows'. =D I especially love the fringed mohawk and crazy eyes. (Add some liquor breath and happy hour and you have a certain someone's mother-in-law... ;) ...well, minus the mohawk. ;))

My puppet, Mullet (I ♥ his Burt Reynolds 'stache.):

My puppet Mullet's mullet:

Spawn also got to make his first diorama this quarter. Having never made one before, this was more of a lesson about HOW to make one (with a bit of home facilitator help) and what his teachers will be looking for in future dioramas, so he can make them more independently in the future. He made the decisions about what scene to do, what to include in the scene, did all of the coloring, most of the cutting and pasting and wrote the title and author, so I felt pretty good about his understanding of the process and we had a lot of fun trying to duplicate the scene from the book. =D

I ♥ cyberschooling!

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