Friday, January 8, 2010

On my honor, I swear, never, ever to leave another banana in a lunch bag...

...and forget to check that Spawn ate it for lunch ever again in my lifetime. Furthermore, let us never speak of this hideous moment again.

Spawn's Swimming Class Snack Bento 1/8/09:

Contents of bento (clockwise from top left): Apple & Eve apple juice box, Clif Kid Organic Z Bar chocolate brownie bar, 2 1/2 slices of Wegman's fruit cake, red grapes, 16 slices of pepperoni (the bag swears that's a serving size, so we'll see ;)), a colby cheese stick cut into cubes, and a Dannon Danimals yogurt drink thing. Also, I'm missing all my freezer packs, so I have some frozen, pureed peaches that I'm using to cool and supplement this snack. ;)

I know what you're thinking - that's a MASSIVE snack bento for a 7 year old! BUT - Spawn usually eats big and keeps eating after his homeschool swimming class. We are going to my in-laws' for dinner, but with him going through another big growth spurt right now, I have no trouble imagining him polishing this off.

I was going to stash in a few of these tiny dill pickles, but Spawn caught me trying to sneak in new foods and he swears he still doesn't care for pickles. :p So I ate them. :p

Special thanks to my friend, fellow mom, and fellow bento-er, Eileen, for gifting us with all of the picks used in today's bento and pickle photos. =D Spawn especially loves the cowboy and flag picks!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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Eileen said...

Hey - I *totally* recognized those pics in your AWESOME bento! Glad you and Spawn had fun with them -- but I hope he tries pickles some day. I luuuuurv them. :D

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