Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My 100th Blog Post!!!

::Imagine circus music playing here: doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo::

I've got tons of stuff to update, but I couldn't find my camera card reader, so here it is - all at once. :p So, first, here's a bunchof random photos of stuff we did this week:

We call this one "I don't need my eyedrops, Mama, and I'll bite your face off if you try.":

Notice she's laying on no less than 3 pillows and 3 blankets in this one:

Spawn's Swimming Class Snack Bento from last Friday - 1-15-10 (clockwise from left) Wild Cherry Capri Sun, Apple Walnut Soy Joy (they were giving these away at the Y two weeks ago and I nabbed half a box then ;)), 2 Baci chocolates, and grapes in the goldfish box:

This was a lot more disposable/waste than I usually let myself put in Spawn's lunch, but he asked for the Capri Sun, we had the Baci leftover from his Christmas stocking, and we got the Soy Joys for free... :p

I packed Spawn's snack bento in this handy little lunch bag - it has freezer packs sewn into it so all I have to do is stick the bag in the freezer the night before and pull it out ten minutes before I pack it so it softens up so the freezer packs don't break from being unbent. Spawn's SpongeBob Sigg bottle full of filtered ice water fits nicely on top, don't you think? I bought both the bag and the bottle at Wegman's last year. =)

This is all I got back after the drive home. No Capri Sun pouch, no Soy Joy wrapper, no Baci foil...which I just realized means they're probably stinking up the floor behind the driver's seat in my car right now... >:( AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE THE LOCK & LOCK CAME FROM!!! :o I didn't pack that on Friday, but it had marshamllow and chocolate graham cracker residue in it, so I suspect this is one that Spawn stashed away that I packed several weeks ago. Yuck. :p Boys are  gross. :p

No Saturday lunch bento to show off because Spawn played hooky from karate class to go to his best friend Spike's super hero birthday party at Kehler's Kids Fun Factory in Broomall. It was a bit of a haul because Spike lives in Chester County and we live in Northampton County - almost on the border of Monroe County - not exactly next door. ;) I didn't think Spike's mom could top last year's birthday party for Spike, but she managed it! Spawn was going to wear a super villain costume, but chickened out at the last minute. :/ So much for those adorable capes I'd been working on. :p Spawn decided they were too babyish for a cool party, so we left them at home. :(

Spike and another friend get a hula-hooping lesson while Spawn and the other kids enjoy the moonbounce:

Spawn plays the hula-hoop circle race game with the other party-goers:

We play this game at family reunions with two longs lines of ten or twenty people and race from the beginning of the lines to the end as fast as possible. First hula-hoop to the end of its respective line and that line wins. =)

Spike takes a stab at the hula race game:

Spawn and Spike take a whack at the BIG trampolines side-by-side:

Spike's 18 month old sister, Ladybug, foams at the mouth to get out there and play with the big kids:

Spawn runs the obstacle course race:

Spike's hero cake and decorations (made by Unique Cake & Catering, 103 17th St, Bristol, TN 37620-1931, (423) 764-2253)‎:

Superhero tablescape with 'real' glowing kryptonite:

Spike and Spawn at opposite ends of the table whorking down cake and ice cream like it's going out of style:

Me with Spike's mom's and grandmother's poodles (from left to right) Jacques, Gigi, Jean-Luc:

Yes, that's Lola at my feet at that moment, too. I was like flypaper for pooches suddenly!:

Saturday night, when we got home, I discovered I could peel dead, dry skin off my face with packaging tape. Don't ask. :p

So, there's what you missed this week. I know - we're boring. :p Thank goodness for the occasional birthday party! CS Dad is doing some math with Spawn, so there's hope for some entertainment value there, too. ;)

I ♥ cyberschooling!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


eileen said...

I loved the ":p Boys are gross :p" comment! I said the same thing myself while making my boy his dinner tonight. But... then again, I'd rather have to deal with gaseous explosions than an emo girl of the same age.

Anonymous said...

You and my dad... the pies piper of poodles. Weird. Loved Ladybug's pic and caption. Perfect for that moment for sure.

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