Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Spawn is Reading This Week

All of these cool new comic books were gifts from Spawn's best friend, Spike, and were in his goodie bag from Spike's birthday party last weekend. They're just like the cartoons, but, surprisingly, the cartoon really lends itself well to being turned into comic books. I've read just the first story in issue #151, but Spawn is so into these, I can't get my hands on them to read any more. In fact, he's been reading these himself instead of having me read him a bedtime story. :( (At right, Scooby Doo #139, below, left, Scooby Doo #150, below, right, Scooby Doo #151. )

It must seem like we spend a lot of time reading mysteries, but there's a good reason. Spawn has trouble with reading comprehension due to his problems with inattention. Mysteries force Spawn to carefuly review and keep track of important and seemingly unimportant details throughout the story because I always stop before we find out who 'dunnit' and ask Spawn if he thinks he can solve the mystery before we read it. He's about 9/10 most of the time, so he's come along way since we started this in September!

I ♥ cyberschooling!

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