Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Compostable Drinking Straws?!

I can't tell you the joygasm the words above bring me when I say them..."Compostable Drinking Straws"... ::sigh::

We got a snotty letter around the first of the year reminding us that drinking straws are not recyclable and fines would be assessed to those who tried to recycle their plastic drinking straws. Meh. >:( Charlatans! Heathens! Lovers of waste and overflowing landfills! I abhor thee! >:(

But I can't give up my drinking straws. So what's a drinking straw-loving girl supposed to do? I can' just throw away plastic straws. The landfill would be overflowing if I threw away everything plastic that the recycling company doesn't take...But then...oh, then...fate intervened!

Today, I saw a photo over at Be Different...Act Normal and in the photo was...a striped paper drinking straw! :o It made my compost-loving heart go pitty-pat I tell you! I haven't had a paper straw in my drink since we went on a choir trip to New York in 9th grade to see Tommy on Broadway and had lunch at The Hard Rock afterwards. The flavor of The Hard Rock Cafe will always be ginger ale sipped through a paper straw to me. I had completely forgotten about paper drinking straws! I must have some!

The most common purveyor of said straws is Aardvark, but their prices nearly made me choke. Yikes! :o I'm not made of money! Then, I stumbled across these wrapped, striped, paper straws - 500 for $14.50 and these unwrapped, striped, paper straws - 500 for $13.25 from Can Do Chefs. Woohoo!!! I kan haz strawz again!

I had to update this post. Look what I found on the same website: http://www.candochefs.com/White_Birch_Wooden_Cutlery_p/g-10-x.htm Compostable, biodegradable, white birch wooden cutlery!!! 100 pk. for $5.90?!?! That's cheaper than what I'm paying for the plastic ones now!

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

Or, you could grab a couple handfuls at the Mara at the AKL...their straws are paper, I guess the animals were choking on the plastic ones (oops.)

Chrissi said...

I haven't been to WDW since my honeymoon 10 years ago. I'm too cheap. ;) Why do you think we keep going back to Knoebels every year? =D

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