Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Creature from the Unscrubbed Bathtub...

Lesson Learned: Never ever forget to clear all the toys and detritus out of the tub after a 7 year old boy's bubble bath.

So there I was  - minding my own business - about to take a shower yesterday afternoon while Spawn worked on a few lessons with CS Dad. I'd been dreaming of a long, screaming hot shower for days and the best I can usually manage is 3 - 5 minutes under whatever hot/lukewarm/room temp water is left. :p

I grabbed a big, fluffy beach towel and my pricey and precious Bio shampoo and conditioner (which Bath & Body Works no longer makes >:( ) and made a mad dash for the shower before someone found something they desperately needed me to bring them or some such. I brushed out my hair, brushed my teeth (while I'm there I might as well, ya know ? ;)), and did a quick Swish & Swipe ala FlyLady. I reached over to pull back the curtains and...

..let out the most horrific, bloodcurdling, embarrassing, girly scream the world has ever heard. :o Because this is what was waiting for me in the tub:

I know what you're thinking, but it's not a little squid! It's huge! And it was attacking this poor pirate ship:

It's one of Spawn's new Mega Rig sets that he got for Christmas. We just got it out for bathtime a few days ago and I forgot to have him put it away after his bath that morning. Trust me - I'll never forget again! =D It's a wonder it wasn't CS Dad who left it there to see what would happen. He likes to booby-trap things he knows I'm going to be the one to open next. Ask me sometime how he booby-traps my car - and I fall for it every time. >:(

I also get startled by cats who hang out in the bathtub waiting for spiders and dark shadows in the laundry room and a creeped out feeling when I'm in the laundry room when the cats stare at me while using their litterbox. (Ew. :p)

Spawn took his dojo patch test last night and CS Dad video-taped some of it, so keep an eye out for that in the next day or so. I'll try to get some of it up on our YouTube Channel tonight.

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

I don't see it oozing or drooling or chewing or glaring...was it breathing? ;)

Chrissi said...

It was a dark, threatening thing behind a curtain that I wasn't expecting - and then it was a stupid, foam-covered squid that I forgot we had!

I startle easily - what can I say? :o It's from 11 years of living with a sneaky Russian. CS Dad's always sneaking up on me in the bathroom anyway. It's a room that's set up just right for sneaky hijinks. :p

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