Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Call for Help

Okay, after three days spent cussing, spitting, and failing, I'm ready to ask for help. I have a basic, blank header (the one I've tried in vain to add to my blog for days, but can't add photos or text to that you see above) and I've been told it's a fairly simple matter to use if I don't have PhotoShop to finish my header. (CS Dad thinks we have PhotoShop somewhere, but he's been too busy to lend a hand with the blog this week.) In lieu of payment, I will gladly pimp your blog on my facebook page and my blog on Blog-Pimpin' Sunday for as many Sundays as you deem necessary to repay the debt that is owed... =D

If you're interested in helping or know something about that you think might help, send me a message and I'll either send you the two photos that need to be merged to make the header or gladly read whatever tutorial you send to me.

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


Anonymous said...

Sorry! Wish I could help! I just use XML files so I can later the html as I wish! I am not that good at using any of the blog sites to find layouts or alter them! Im a blog newb! Good luck! :)

Eileen said...

I should be able to help -- I have PhotoShop. Can you email me the header file and the images you want to add (along with directions of which image goes in which block?)

Chrissi said...

Could you send me your email address on the message boards? I was going to post my email addy here, but the thought of the spam that would turn up in my inbox afterwards terrifies me... ;)

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