Friday, September 18, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again - Soups, Bentos, & PB&J - Project 365: Days 3 and 4

And here I thought things would calm down as the school year settled into a comfortable routine. ;) After this amazing lunch I had yesterday in my brand new Knoebels BIG mug, I got phone call after phone call! What can I say? I'm a popular girl. ;)

Yesterday's lunch - Italian Wedding Soup in the BIG mug:

So, after lunch, the head of the school's resource dept., Ms. Adams, got back to me about having CS Spawn evaluated for special services due to my concern about him frequently spelling and writing letters and words backwards. We played a bit of phone tag - the end result being that a packet of forms is being mailed to us this week. CS Spawn was already recommended this week for the Title 1 Reading Program - not for reading as he reads voraciously and very well, but for the spelling and writing issues. He should be getting all the help he needs very soon!

During my phone tag with caller number 1, caller number 2 reached me. It was Ms. Sarno from the PALCS Pittsburg office asking if I were still interested in volunteering as the PALCS northeastern RAC - Regional Area Coordinator (of activities and field trips) for the PALCS families in northestern PA. Um...YEAH! I've put my name in the past few years, but this was my year apparently. =D I've had the opportunity to get to know Ms. Sarno over the last 3 years, which I think will benefit the families in our area as the trips and activities did fall a bit by the wayside last school year in our area due to miscommunications and such. I'm really looking forward to being able to contribute to PALCS' efforts by way of helping the other cyberschooling families get to know one another!

I'd spent quite a bit of time on the phone in the late afternoon and both the boy and Nugga were feeling ignored, so we played a bit of tug-tug with Nugga and she got all rowdy and out of hand. Jumping up on the couch with her ball, knocking over me and Spawn, and running cats out of the room. ;) You'd never know that solid mass of blubber could move so fast. ;)

Lola (aka Nugga) was feeling sassy after losing my attention during all those long phone calls:

Today, we got up at the crack of...well...8, so we could get some schoolwork done early and run to the grocery store in the afternoon for some bento supplies, fruit, and something for CS Dad to take to work for dinner. I don't have much love for taking CS Spawn to the grocery store and for good reason. He makes me wish I were in the dentist's office - or anywhere else unpleasant - when he starts the cart dance.

Unfamiliar with the cart dance, you say? It begins with the child demanding that he must ride the the truck cart upon arrival - that it's the only way he can possibly ride in comfort the entire time. Then, it progresses to "my butt hurts", "I'm bored in here", and "when will we get to the bakery so I can get a cookie?" Then the real fun kicks in - halfway through the shopping list, the evil little Spawn decides he can't possibly sit in the truck cart the correct way. He has to lay across the seat sideways with his legs sticking out causing near-death accidents with several old ladies and narrow misses with leg-breaking cart-passes. Finally, the cart dance finishes with the child hopping out of the cart repeatedly when your back is turned, you turning in circles frantic because he's not where you left him, and you threatening him to get back in the cart. This will happen no less than 3 - 5 times before you tell him he's not getting any damn cookie and you're going to put everything he chose back on the shelf and haul his sorry butt out to the car to sit and wait for you to finish with the windows cracked a hair for fresh air. (I've never gotten to the point where I actually leave him in the car, but it's a tempting thought some days. ;))

Anyway, taking him to the store at this age has a decided lack-of-fun attatch to it, so I avoid it at all costs. Today, we didn't have that option. I don't want to talk about it anymore...It's stressing me out. :p

When we got home, I threw on some Uncle Ben's White and Wild Rice for CS Dad's dinner, picked chicken to add to his rice dinner bento, and put together a little surprise - an appetizer bento to go with dinner. =)

CS Dad's appetizer bento went into in Spawn's Transformers bento with prosciutto-wrapped brie with jewel picks with a silicon cup in the corner filled with marinated mushrooms with poker picks and a cherry tomato on a balloon pick. I made fruit salad, too, but CS Dad left it at home. :p So Spawn got it with the dinner he opted for when he decided he didn't like the chicken and rice I'd made. :p Sheesh!

CS Dad's appetizer bento:

CS Spawn's alternate dinner - organic PB&J, milk, and a bowl of CS Dad's left behind freshly made fruit salad (blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, honeydew, and cantaloupe):

Now, I'm having a little snack of prosciutto-wrapped brie, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms with a half glass of Marquis de Riscal Rueda and getting ready to hit the sack. Spawn is finishing off his Nighty Night Tea and is so excited to get to bed so he can get up tomorrow and set off on his weekend adventure - he's spending the night at Grammy and Paw-paw's house tomorrow night and I get CS Dad all to myself for a whole night. ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

As much as I'm still a little annoyed of how non-fun my mother was, I'm way too My Mother to even start in with the novelty plan is to Just Say No from the start to nip it in the bud.

I heart brie!!!

Chrissi said...

Ah, but a time will come when Smothered Child will be too big to sit in the seat of the regular cart and the truck/novelty cart seat is the next best option when they're 3 years old and you don't want to have to push the giant 3 kid/bench seat cart. ;) The truck cart has all the room they need when they outgrow the tiny cart seat.

I had a plan to say no to the novelty carts, too, when CS Spawn was little - then I had a too big 3 year old on my hands who was still too little to walk with me at the grocery store the whole time we were there. What's a desperate mom to do? ;)

rlw said...

Ah yes...desperation with a smothered child. I know myself well enough to recognize that the JSN plan is still just a plan. I admit to crumbliness.

Our Whole Foods has a really difficult and narrow layout, yet they still offer these kooky karts and I see moms and other shoppers getting all stressed out just taking a left turn...I just don't want that to be me!

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