Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who gets excited about PE?! - Project 365: Day 9

Spawn does. =D

Yesterday was the big day - Spawn finally got to open and examine the contents of the PE Kit that was sent this summer to supplement the 2nd Grade PE Classes. Spawn's PE teacher, Mr. Slusser, held a live chat earlier this week going through the contents of the kits to explain them and remind students not to use them for anything but PE Class. ;) The boy doesn't handle web cam chats especially well. He has a very hard time sitting still and not playing with the web cam the whole time, so we usually view the recorded weekly chats at our convenience later on.

This is what arrived over the summer:

Clockwise, starting from top, left: (1) red jump rope, (4) sticks of sidewalk chalk, (1) beach ball, (3) juggling scarves (under the rope, chalk, and beach ball), (1) hand pump, (1) water bottle (for weight-lifting AND rehydrating!), (4) obstacle cones, (1) tennis ball (under the cones), (1) pedometer, and (1) 7" kick ball. There was supposed to be a theraband, too, but it wasn't in the box. A quick phone call to the man in charge of school supplies straightened that out and it was on its way yesterday afternoon.

Spawn thoroughly enjoyed inflating the kick ball himself. (It was packed deflated to save space and sent with the hand pump so we could maintain it throughout the school year).

The Math test was next and, as usual, Spawn breezed through it like it barely registered on his radar, much less actually challenged him:

Spawn was a little under the weather (I wonder who he got that nasty bug from ;)), so he spent the day in his jammies all day yesterday. He despises me for putting the camera in his face - much less when he's sick. I had to turn the flash off just to get him to look at me! Look at this crabby face:

Mrs. Remaize assigned Spelling Bingo this week, so we had to choose three ways to practice this week's spelling words from a chart and we had to choose three in a row to get Bingo. Spawn chose "Write each word once. Divide the word into syllables using slashes.", "Write each word. Cross out all the silent letters.", and "Have an adult give you a practice spelling test at home. Be sure the test is checked and signed by an adult." He needed practice writing and he's getting it this week! =D

Yesterday we worked on "Write each word once. Divide the word into syllables using slashes." I <3 quiet work - when I can just kick back in the desk chair, watch how his little mind works, and snap pictures on the sly. ;) I just noticed the dirt on the bottom of his foot. Methinks someone snuck outside with Daddy to get the mail without slippers on... ;)

I taunted Spawn while he worked on writing the spelling words in his journal - flicking his ear with my big toe. At one point, I really thought he might turn on me and bite me. ;)

Spawn: "Mommy, your toe is flicking my ear, you know! Could you tell it to stop flicking me?"

Me: "I don't know what you want me to do about it. That toe has a mind of its own. Never could do anything about it. Ask Uncle Chad some time. That toe drove him crazy when he was 7, too." =D

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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rlw said...

Toe brains are EVILLLL!!!!

And can you say Funmail!!! Wheeee!!!!!

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