Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of Autumn 2009 and a Sound Walk - Project 365 Day 8

The day before yesterday (Tuesday, September 22nd), was the first day of Autumn here in PA, just south of the Poconos. Just so you can see the progression of the seasons, I took a photo of the house from the end of the yard and a photo of the end of the yard from the house.

You'll notice the lawn is only half-mown at this point. CS Dad hadn't mown in about a month due to vacation and the incessant, flippin' rain, so the lawn was very nearly rain forest and the mower kept quitting on him. So, there the unmown side sits for another week. I'm sure our neighbors TOTALLY love us for our redneck, half-assed mow-job. Sweet. The firepit made of big rig rims looks super redneck sitting out there rusting with no benches around it to suggest what it's for. Geez, my yard needs work...

After taking a few 'First Day Of' photos, we moved on to Spawn's assignment for Music Class on Tuesday - a Sound Walk. Spawn needed to go outside, walk around and listen to the sounds around him for 10 - 15 minutes and see how many he could name and fill in on a chart. (Well, technically, I carried the clipboard and filled in the chart because having him walk and write without a helmet on is a recipe for disaster. He's 7. His feet should come with training wheels until he grows into them. :p)

Now I know some of these are blurry, but you have to keep in mind that CS Dad was taking them from the far side of the yard so he wouldn't interfere with our 'nature' sounds. Also, I included some of the blurrier ones because they're reaction shots. You'll understand in a moment...

Spawn and I walked under the maple trees in the front yard, crunching sticks and leaves underfoot.

We spotted a spider web and took a moment to ooh and ahh over the pretty web and just as Spawn says, "But where's the spider?..."

I spotted the maker of said-web right over MY HEAD!!! I screamed like a girl! CS Dad thankfully did not get the picture of me screaming, just the screaming-laughter that came after when Spawn was having his huge belly laughs at my expense. :p

After my near-death spider scare, we wandered next door to the BBQ joint and poked their windchime to see what sound it makes. It does not make the charming 'tinkle-tinkle' type sound I anticipated. It's all rusted and went 'clunk-thunk'. :(

It took us no time at all to fill the worksheet for the sound walk, so we headed inside as it looked like rain - AGAIN. We did stop in the driveway for one of Spawn's favorite games - he calls it Butt Tango. It's a little thing he came up with when he was 2 where he invades my personal space, hugs my butt, and sways with it while singing "Tango, tango, TANG-GO!"

(Notice, this was also the first day I wore cords this school year. ;))

We have a nice redneck heap there by the backdoor, I notice, where CS Dad went digging for the stray cat who's moved in this week. Ugh. One more thing to put on my list...

Anyway, when we came back from our short walk (I mean no more than 10 - 15 minutes!), this is what greeted us at the door to the mudroom. CS Dog missed us, where were we, what did we do out there, where did we go, why did we leave her - all this was written on her face and in her desperate tail-wagging when she brushed past Spawn and I to barrel down on CS Dad - the only one she really missed. :p

Schoolwork done for the day, Spawn settled in for a cuddle with CS Dad and a game of online Sudoku.

On a final note, I learned the hard way that evening to check the neck of my shirt before bending over to pick something up off the floor in the bathroom. Guess what fell in the toilet and had to be soaped, sudsed, washed, rinsed, repeated?

Spawn had some issues at bedtime that night and disregarded our most basic rule about no tv after bedtime, so he's lost all tv and PC game privileges for the foreseeable future. His attitude improved greatly today when he realized the path to privileges lay in good behavior and cooperation, so we'll see how that goes. ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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