Sunday, September 6, 2009

Stuff I'm Digging Right Now

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1. Cucumber, Tomato, & Feta Cheese Salad made with cukes and maters straight from my mama's own garden. Yum!       
2. Scrap paper-covered natural pencils. Pretty, practical, and so easy to make and personalize! 
3. Graffitti the World by Rehab. Spawn and I listen to this in the car at top volume with the windows down and ROCK OUT to Bump.=D
4. Old drawer fronts used as coat racks. We have a severe disorganization/storage problem in our back hallway - compounded by Spawn's inability to reach the one and only coat rack I've hung. (I bought a second to hang at his height, but never got around to hanging it. :( )     
5. Four leaf clovers - CS Dad and Spawn keep finding them in our yard and bringing them inside. I've dried and saved as many as I can, but where can I put them to keep the good luck?!   
6. A flower press - I've asked my husband to make me one for my birthday so I can properly blot and store all my four leaf clovers. We'll see how that goes. ;)
7. Under the Tuscan Sun - best chick flick ever! If you just went through an awful break-up, you have the winter blues, or just need a little inspiration to get back on-track, this movie is the cure for what ails ya!
8. Cordina's Royal Family by Nora Roberts - must have been written in the 70's or 80's at least. Never have so many people smoked in hospitals in any other book I've read, but it's a great collection of stories about love and intrigue in fictional French principality, Cordina.
9. Avocados - with all these amazing cukes and maters just turning up on my kitchen table, I've been making a lot of wraps and salads and nothing makes a better spread or ingredient than avocados with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. I could eat the fresh avocados we've been buying lately like they were apples! So good!
10. Repurposing glass bottles and jars wherever possible to ease our dependence on plastic - these are bottles containing things like dish soap, mouthwash, and handsoap - all wine bottles repurposed by installing bottle pourers on top. The same thing bars use to help them pour just the right amount of wine or booze. Yeah, those. =)
11. Maragaritas. Honestly, anyone who knows me, knows it's not a lazy summer day without one. ;) I'll be making the changeover to apple-flavored and pomegrante-infused drinks in the next few weeks, but for now - it's all about the lime and the tequila, baby. ;)
12. Using glass Coke bottles as vases for all the flowers Spawn picks for me from our yard. Our friends Dani and Haden have an old Coke machine in their garage that takes glass bottles that they get at a bodega down the street from their house. The Coke in these bottles is made in Mexico with REAL SUGAR. :o So yummy! We recently discovered our local Wegman's carries these same Coke bottles - not cheap, but a nice novelty treat on a hot day. I hate to just recycle them when I could be using them in other repurposable ways, so I opted to save a few to use when CS Dad starts bringing home sunflowers for me this month because he knows they're my favorite.

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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rlw said...

Great list! Those four-leaf clovers would probably end up on my fridge, and then wither away without us noticing...what luck! I supposed that's probably why we don't HAVE any lucky four-leaf clovers, we can't be trusted to keep them nice. BUT, my Wally does have a great big repurposed glass milk bottle full of lucky pennies that he finds in the street (aye yaye!)

Off to put Under the Tuscan Sun in my Netflix queue, never seen it but always hear about it, prolly 'bout time to watch it. =D

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