Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Another Rainy Day in PA - Project 365: Days 1 and 2

Even though we just decided today to begin this Project 365 adventure, we take photos nearly every day anyway, so I have photos from last night, too!
Walt's younger brother, Justin is home visiting this week. (He lives on Maui, Hawaii - the rat bastard. :p) We made the trek up the mountain to my mother-in-law's house for a stuffed shells and lasagna dinner after a quick stop at our local italian bakery for some smack-yo-mama-good bread to contribute to the lasagna and fatted calf feast. ;) Spawn hasn't seen Uncle Justin in about a year and a half and my nephew, Spawn's cousin, Tiny Shawn Spawn, son of Uncle Shawn (Walt's and Justin's youngest brother), was still in utero the last time Uncle Justin was in town.
Last night, Uncle Justin was hangin' with Spawn who showed him how his Leapster works while, (below) Tiny Shawn Spawn made a break for it. That's Cyber School Dad, Walt, laying on the floor in the background there...
Tiny Shawn Spawn chillin' at Grammy and Paw-paw's place.
Today, Cyber School Dad lent a hand with Spawn's Math and Science lessons because I woke up with NO VOICE! :o The first week up lessons in the new school year is always hard on my voice, but this was the first time I'd lost it altogther from talking so much!
Today's Science lesson was all about types of seeds, how they travel, and how they're reseeded. So, Spawn and CS Dad made some seed models out of paper, paper clips, staples, and tape and went outside to test them. CS Dad handed over the seed models and sent Spawn on his merry way uphill to test them out.
Spawn points out which ones flew the farthest - the lightest, smallest ones at the bottom of the hill!
The skies began to darken a bit as we finished up, so we gathered up all our seed models before the rains came.
It got dark so fast! We did make it inside just in time and the rains CAME DOWN! Yikes! We had some spelling and grammar to work on, but they hardly took any time at all. With lessons done, CS Dad still sleepy and not feeling himself and me with hardly any voice, we opted for a quiet afternoon. Really quiet. ;)
Cyber School Dog, Nugga, naps.
Cyber School Dad, Walt, naps.
This was all I saw of Spawn most of the afternoon - that's the top of his head you see above the back of the chair there.
Nugga woke up and was feelin' her oats (and not respecting my personal space whatsoever).
There you have it. Our first two days of Project 365! Keep an eye out for more updates - SOON!
Chrissi, Cyber School Mom
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