Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stuff I'm Digging This Week: 9/15/09

1. Practical Magic – my OTHER favorite movie. =D (See my previous Stuff I’m Digging blog for more info on my other favorite movie. ;))

2. Broomstick, patchwork skirts – nothing makes me feel more girly or autumnal. Really!

3. The Kadin by Bertrice Small. Ms. Small can often deal harshly, even viciously with her female lead characters in her other books and series. Cyra Kadin/Janet Leslie lives a rather charmed life in comparison to Small’s other great and well-known heroines (Skye O’Malley and Catriona Leslie). Maybe because it was Bertrice’s first ever historical romance. . .Just one of many reasons why I love this one so much, I suppose. ;)

4. Woolrich’s Flannel Sheets and Comforters – we’ve had a set of the red flannel sheets and a denim, patchwork comforter for years and they’re the best, softest, most luxurious way to enjoy a mid-afternoon nap on a dreary early autumn day.

5. Add a mess of eclectic pillows to those sheets and comforter to make a little nest for naptime and sink right into to that plush deliciousness!

6. Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden – my favorite autumn-is-nearly-here book! We often read this book as part of DJ’s science curriculum at the beginning of the school year when the focus is on plants, their parts, and the life cycle.

7. Farmville – if you have a facebook page, there’s no way you’ve missed facebook’s newest way to kill an hour – Farmville by Zynga Games. Plant crops, harvest crops, earn coins, expand your farm, and start all over. So addictive! I have to give myself a time-out from Farmville and force myself to go write some days. ;)

8. Ball Mason Jars – I haven’t done any canning in years, but I’ve been hooked on stories of friends lately doing their canning and I have this desperate itch to just buy the jars and use them to store things in instead of all these awful plastic baggies and containers until I can plant and harvest my own can-able crops next year. ;)

9. Method Sea Minerals Hand Soap – this must have salt or epsom salt or something in it. My hands are so soft! The scent is a little odd, but after a day or two, I adjusted to having my hands smell like my husband’s neck after he shaves with Burma Shave Shaving Soap. ;)

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom

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