Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Overheard from the Backseat: Boogers

On our way home from our Cub Scout den meeting tonight, the boy was ranting in the backseat about how we "got a old dog an' it came wif a name. Next time, we're gettin' a puppy bulldog as Lola's pet dog an' I'm naming it 'Boogers the Baby Bulldog'."

The ranting continued after we swung through a drive-through to pick up a quick - albeit late - dinner..."An' when I grow up to be a big boy like you an' Daddy, I'm gonna get married to a lady who's growed up, too, an' we're gonna have lots of babies an' I'm gonna name our baby "Boogers".

Oh. My. WORD. :o There are not words to express how flippin' funny this one-sided rant was coming from my 7 year old's mouth in the back seat of the car after we had forbidden him from playing with and tickling a fellow Cub Scout's baby brother after the den meeting when he was all grubby from running around in the churchyard...

Chrissi, Cyber School Mom


rlw said...

I can see him as a young man, bringing a girl home, you asking her what she thinks about the name 'Boogers.' =D

Eileen said...

Man, those backseat conversations are the bomb. I absolutely love them. Your story sorta makes me wish for a return to the days when The Boy still sat in the backseat... ('cept then I couldn't tickle his knee caps like I can now.)

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